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ALEZIA: The Shade of Bashora
-- Yes... Of course... They say that I have murdered him... But it's not the truth. He was shot by Dallusian Special Forces while we were trying to escape by the super-train from Garkitak. He died in my arms. ...It's specifically because of what he told me about Bashora if I came back here.
- You were friends ?!
-- Absolutely... It's a long story...
- Look Hern... I'm not here to harm you... You seem cooperative... And...
- If I can be useful to help put an end to the Bashora project, I have no problem with that. But understand that I have a family that i would like to see again. I wouldn't be part of a suicide mission.
- I understand that very well... So stay on board and don't cause trouble and I promise to do all I can to make sure to not involve you directly.
  © Zeja Pyle, 2013.
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