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ALEZIA: The 26 Tyrants
--- They seem interested by the emergence of individuals of their species among the Terkasides. I mean, you and me, and also all those who've come through the Taalus.
- "Individuals of their species" ?!
-- Yes! Of their species! I never met any Jijuterk personally, but I was told they are human like you and me. The Terkasides thought we were Jijuterk.
- What you're saying, is that all these people around us are of another species!
- Absolutely. You could try to mate with this woman there, with all the ardor that you might, you won't risk of getting her pregnant! If you aren't lucky, you may cause the mutation of a virus that could be fatal for one of the two species.
--- Incredible!
- How another human species could have emerged in one thousand years only?
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