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ALEZIA: The Shade of Bashora
- ... So you're saying that Sergeant Milly never came back from the Shade after he went to search for the lost team, right?
-- Yes Captain. that's what happened.
- And he would have left only you, a civilian, to guard the TC-21?
-- Again, yes Captain. It's what he did. He didn't want to have me with them, so he ordered me to guard the carrier. We can't say that he has a very great opinion of us, especially of me.
- I have difficulty to believe that he didn't leave at least one soldier on guard. It's not the procedure, and it's definitely not like him.
-- We were only four men to cover all the area. I think it's why he chose to do that.
- Listen to me my little friend! I will have to open an investigation about that. I hope for you that what you have said is true!
- You have the recordings from the Taalus. They will confirm the two eruptions.
--- Some "U.E." could be in the game...
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