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ALEZIA: The Shade of Bashora
- We could say that... A transfer flow controlled by a device that synchronizes the spatial offset by intrication. Otherwise it would collapse on itself. Which could cause a black hole. The snake eating its own tail if we can say so...
--- And these eruptions?
- Well... The quantic folding fluctuates and can burst sometimes. Which can generate a strong transfer of unpredictable size, including different types of radiation.
-- Ah...Uh... of unpredictable size you say?
-- Uh? ...Yes, this can bring an unpredictable part of matter, where you were included. You see?
--- Yes, I think i see.
-- And the "Shade"?
- Ah! The "Shade"... I'm going to show you...
  © Zeja Pyle, 2013.
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