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ALEZIA: The Shade of Bashora
- I found this in the pocket of my jacket last night...
-- What is it?
- A note, that she has certainly put in my pocket before leaving and that I have been "rescued" by the military.
- ... Hern, contact Liu Branys. ...Here is what Mark Ollen has requested me to transmit to him. ...The calculations of the Veraz's theorem are confirmed. ... Veraz would turn over in his grave. ...He will know what to do.
-- Any idea what this means? What is that Veraz's theorem?
- It means that the Taalus can be stopped. Veraz was a former colleague of Ollen and me. He suggested a strong hypothesis about the flows. He had demonstrated one of its applications, but he never knew that it has been verified, because he died during the experiment itself.
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