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ALEZIA: The 26 Tyrants
The soldiers, rapidly out of resources, began to tax the people in order to ensure their livelihood.
It took only one week before one of them kills my colleague after he tried to stop them to force me to have sex.
-- The soldiers have always despised the scientific staff. I won't tell you what they made me endure during the months that followed. This is when I started to drink kwiza.
- The soldiers of the Dallusian special forces has been trained for war since the age of 12 years old. They are specifically selected according their lack of empathy, in order to obtain shock troops who won't stop at nothing.
Six months later, four new soldiers has been rejected by the Taalus and have joined the group, including an officer, the captain Hornak.
It's from this moment that the 26 got organized to sow terror and establish their power over the clans.
  © Zeja Pyle, 2014.
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