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ALEZIA: The 26 Tyrants
- The people of this country, the Terkazy, call them the Tyrants. They have suffered because of them during almost four years. It was a dark period for all of us.
-- In this case, I'm well placed to understand. But you can be relieved, because the Taalus seems to have been destroyed. I saw a section of it on the road.
- The Taalus's head! It is already there for eight months. However, some wreckage still happens every day... And some Tyrants from time to time.
-- Can we know what you intend to do with us?
- We are heading to Periu, the capital. I have a present to deliver personally to Erydak. You will also be entrusted to her. She will decide your fate.
--- She? Could we know what is this "Erydak"?
- The Erydak is the one who have exceptionally the absolute power in that country.
- Is the game is already lost for us?
-- The Erydak is not a Terkaside. But the Council is terkaside, and it will be for sure in your disfavor. I don't know the view of Erydak regarding the "E.U.".
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