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ALEZIA: The Shade of Bashora
--- You wouldn't know how to be as sorry as I am after what I saw today...
-- ...Why is the crew reduced?
- Ah... Still yesterday, there were 22 other people... But while they were patrolling in an area of the Shade, an aftershock of the eruption of two days ago wiped them all.
-- Eruption? Shade?
- Do you refer to this big flash two nights ago?
--- Exactly... The area is presently very unstable .
-- ...We had another one yesterday, less expanded but very intense.
- And tell me... Hern... How long before the command center requests a report?
- Normally, they are in constant contact, but not anymore. If your plan was to communicate with someone, you should know that all the electromagnetic sensors were burned out during the big eruption. From the long range radar, to the last personal communicator, they are all gone. Also no one will come to pick you up, the airspace is blocked. We are fortunate that the other electrical devices still work.
  © Zeja Pyle, 2013.
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