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ALEZIA: The 26 Tyrants
- This cohort of soldiers comes from the regiments of warlike children of Dallusia. They were orphans, reformed in military camps to make of them any hyper-efficient soldiers.
-- In the prison camps of Vernatern, they had the responsibility to execute the civilians identified as nuisances by the regime. They were shooting men, women and children. At 13 years old, the trivialization of this task have disconnected them of any empathy, and by this way, made them shielded against traumatic shocks. I'll let you imagine how they were behaving when they were sent at the front.
- Pretty terrible. Nevertheless, I would never be able to do what you did.
-- Roland... The Rantarian army was doing practically the same thing. I was only sixteen when they ordered us to do the firing squad, several times...
-- I really need to sleep.
- Good night Alezia.
  © Zeja Pyle, 2014.
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