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ALEZIA: The 26 Tyrants
- ( The soldiers' blood... ) Sleep "ery-dak"! You must recover... ( We have to leave at the morning. )
- Hystazi moved and went to hide her in the village of Kentor, in Dalsa.
-- You must understand that Hystazi was and still is a feared and respected person among the Terkasides. She's from a family of Turza, a group of moral guides who have their access to the clan leaders.
So this is at Kentor that Erydak became aware of what the tyrants were doing and of what they were capable of. According Hystazi, she swore at this moment to solve the problem.
-- It was shortly after that the events have rushed. I will remember that all my life...
The 26 were moving in three hordes, and they were meeting regularly to celebrate...
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