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ALEZIA: The Shade of Bashora
- This is as dark as in your ass!
- It's really a bunker, Captain! ...Everything is rusty as he said !
{Captain voice} All right. We will pull the carrier out of that hole. Jess! Do you think you will be able to fix that wheel?
{Jess voice} The engine is burned up, but I can make the wheel spin. We will have to operate without the power on it. To fix the steering, it will take at least the rest of the day!
{Captain voice} You! ...Come with me. I want a detailed report of everything that happened!
{Hern voice} Yes Captain.
- Let's get out of that creepy place.
-- That guy is really a clumsy idiot to crash a carrier like that!
  © Zeja Pyle, 2013.
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