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ALEZIA: The 26 Tyrants
( Daniel, and now Marya... No, but... Am I losing the few remains of what I have, like all the rest in my life? )
( If I understand well, there is now only two humans in this town... Alezia and me. Someone has triggered an accident for eradicate us: Marya, Daniel and me... )
( Then, Marya would have been literally assassinated. The same day where the Council has tried to make me a trial to eventually make me accused. Could it be possible that those same people would be responsible for all this? )
( Marya spoke about semblances of regime's end... Does the arrival of two more humans would have been perceived by them as a too much threat? )
( This day is going to be long, locked here... No TV... No book... No book that I can at least read... Really! )
  © Zeja Pyle, 2014.
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